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VC-funded Company:

Quantum Circuits Inc
New Haven, CT
Phone: 203-864-4724

Quantum Circuits, Inc. (QCI) was founded in 2015 with the goal of developing, manufacturing and selling the first practical and useful quantum computers based on superconducting devices. QCI was founded by three world-leading experts in quantum devices and information processing from the Department of Applied Physics at Yale University: Michel Devoret, Luigi Frunzio, and Robert Schoelkopf, joined by Brian Pusch, currently QCI's President. Their group has produced many scientific firsts, including the development of a "quantum bus" for entangling qubits with wires and the first implementation of a quantum algorithms and error-correction with a solid-state device.

Key Contact
Brian W. PuschCo-Founder & President

Funding Events
11/14/17$18,000,000Series A Canaan Partners  
Fitz Gate Ventures
Osage University Partners
Sequoia Capital  
Tribeca Venture Partners
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