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VC-funded Company:

18 Commerce Way
Woburn, MA 01801

Replimune Group Inc, headquartered in Woburn, MA, was founded in March 2015 to develop the next generation of 'oncolytic immunotherapies' for the treatment of cancer. Replimune is developing novel, proprietary products intended to improve both the direct anti-tumor effects of selective virus replication and the potency of the immune response to the tumor antigens released. The Company's Immulytic™ platform is designed to maximize systemic immune activation, in particular to tumor neoantigens, through robust viral mediated immunogenic tumor cell killing and the delivery of optimal combinations of immune activating proteins to the tumor and draining lymph nodes. The approach is expected to be highly synergistic with immune checkpoint blockade and other approaches to cancer treatment. Replimune intends to progress these therapies rapidly through clinical trials and to combine with other immuno-oncology products with complementary mechanisms of action at an early stage.

Key Contact

Funding Events
09/08/17$55,000,000Series B Atlas Venture
Bain Capital
Cormorant Asset Management
Forbion Capital Partners
Foresite Capital  
Leerink Capital Partners
Omega Funds
Redmile Group
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