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VC-funded Company:

SQZ Biotech
Venture Development Center
100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125
Phone: 617-898-8824

Many promising therapeutic modalities have limited clinical efficacy due to the challenges of delivering molecules into cells. SQZ Biotech seeks to address this fundamental problem by developing its CellSqueeze platform for use in drug discovery and clinical applications. SQZ's technology seeks to overcome longstanding barriers in the field by facilitating more effective access to the intracellular space. Through internal research programs and external partnerships, SQZ is leading a revolution in scientists' approach to disease research and clinical therapies, developing novel methods to engineer cell function and harness the power of a patient's own cells to combat disease more effectively across a broad range of indications.

Key Contact

Funding Events
06/24/15$5,000,000Series A Polaris Venture Partners
09/30/16$16,000,000Series B NanoDimension
Polaris Venture Partners
12/02/16$4,000,000Series B Quark Venture
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