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VC-funded Company:

110 Fifth Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 866-932-9013

Socure offers online identity verification solutions that protect enterprises against identity fraud. The company combines structured and unstructured public data from the Internet, all major social networks, and popular web and mobile applications to verify the authenticity of a customer's identity. When integrated into an enterprise application's registration and login business logic, Socure materially reduces fraud rates, false positives and false negatives. Socure is the leader in Know Your Customer Socially (KYC+S) solutions for organizations that want to meet and exceed regulatory compliance standards.

Key Contact

Funding Events
10/29/14$2,500,000Series A ff Venture Capital
Founder Collective
Two Sigma Ventures
12/13/16$13,000,000Venture ff Venture Capital
Flint Capital
Santander InnoVentures
Two Sigma Ventures
08/09/17$13,900,000Series B Commerce Ventures  
Flint Capital
Santander InnoVentures
Two Sigma Ventures
Work-Bench Ventures
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