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Venture Capital News: Basho Technologies Slams Down $6.1M

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Basho Technologies announced today that it has entered into a strategic relationship with Yahoo Japan subsidiary, IDC Frontier, under which IDC Frontier is making a $6.1 million strategic equity investment.
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CAMBRIDGE, MA, Basho Technologies announced today that it has entered into a strategic relationship with Yahoo Japan Corporation ("Yahoo! JAPAN) subsidiary IDC Frontier, under which IDC Frontier is making a $6.1 million strategic equity investment in Basho and has committed to deploy Basho's Riak distributed database and cloud storage technology within its cloud computing platform. The strategic relationship with IDC Frontier will accelerate the availability of Basho's Riak technology throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Basho is a leading provider of distributed database and cloud storage technology. Yahoo! JAPAN subsidiary IDC Frontier is a leading data center provider in Japan.

Riak is a highly-available, distributed database that has witnessed rapidly growing adoption worldwide since the company released v1.0 in September 2011. In March 2012, the company released Riak CS, providing a multi-tenant capability and an Amazon S3 compatible API, which offers businesses a comprehensive public and private cloud storage platform. As one of Japan's largest operators of data center infrastructure, IDC Frontier will utilize Riak CS to provide its customers a distributed cloud storage offering that takes advantage of the company's large footprint of data center locations and enhances its cloud services platform.

"This strategic relationship with IDC Frontier and its investment in Basho underscores the growth of the distributed data market and Basho's differentiated ability to capitalize on this market. Basho is excited to have IDC Frontier both as a customer and a strategic partner to accelerate our expansion throughout Asia," said Donald J. Rippert, Basho's chief executive officer. "IDC Frontier's market leadership position and high quality infrastructure will be complemented perfectly by Basho's technology, which emphasizes availability, scalability and high-performance at its core. The market for cloud computing is rapidly accelerating. We are exclusively focused on being the distributed systems leader that can best unlock the potential of the cloud for our partners and our customers."

"Through this strategic relationship with Basho, IDC Frontier will greatly benefit from the addition of advanced storage capabilities within our cloud infrastructure," said Kiichi Yamato, Vice-Division Director of Business Development Division at IDC Frontier. "We have made a significant evaluation of Riak, and we are highly impressed with its inherent distributed design, built-in redundancy and linear scalability. We plan to embed Riak in our cloud platform. Furthermore, we are excited about working with Basho to accelerate the adoption of Riak throughout Japan. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Basho."

"This strategic investment by IDC Frontier follows $5 million of additional equity capital raised last month as part the company's Series F round led by Georgetown Partners," noted Rippert. "Through these investments in Basho totaling $11.5 million and the strength of our business already realized to date in 2012, I am confident in Basho's market position and its ability to lead the rapidly emerging market for distributed data technologies."

About IDC Frontier

IDC Frontier Inc. provides data center solutions. It offers IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service); co-location services, which include housing and other data center solutions; hosting services, which include data center solutions to support e-business; security services; IP address/domain name registration services; network services; and service level agreement services. IDC Frontier Inc. is based in Tokyo, Japan, and as of February 2nd, 2009, operates as a subsidiary of Yahoo! Japan Corporation.

About Basho Technologies

Basho Technologies is the leader in highly-available, distributed database technologies used to power scalable, data-intensive Web, mobile, and e-commerce applications and large cloud computing platforms. Basho customers, including fast-growing Web businesses and large Fortune 500 enterprises, use Riak to implement content delivery platforms and global session stores, to aggregate large amounts of data for logging, search, and analytics, to manage, store and stream unstructured data, and to build scalable cloud computing platforms.

Riak is available open source for download at Riak EnterpriseDS is available with advanced replication, services and 24/7 support. Riak CS enables multi-tenant object storage with advanced reporting and an Amazon S3 compatible API. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter at
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