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BloomAPI Raises $2.4M

SEATTLE, WA, BloomAPI has raised $2.4 million.
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Seattle tech startup BloomAPI aims to modernize the medical records business and dig doctor's offices out from under mountains of paperwork.

Most medical records are still transmitted between doctors using fax machines and snail mail.

This process is slow and error prone, and nearly half of the requested records never make it to the doctor that needs them. It's so inefficient that the US healthcare system spends $2.5 billion per year just transferring records, a bill ultimately passed down to patients and taxpayers.

BloomAPI automates this manual process by enabling medical computer systems - some of which were created way back in the '90s - to communicate with each other, creating networks of doctors that can digitally share health records.

BloomAPI's software can be installed in a doctor's office in minutes. Once there, it connects to their electronic medical record system, pulls the requested record and sends it to a patient, another doctor, or insurance company instantly.

When connected to BloomAPI, a doctor no longer has to worry about lost faxes, and they can get the information they need in an instant. BloomAPI already has 300 doctors in its network and is helping digitally transmit records for more than 1,000,000 patients.

BloomAPI just raised $2.4 million from Y-Combinator, Slow Ventures, Founders' Co-Op, Bill Maris's new fund, Section 32, Liquid 2 Ventures and Parker Conrad, among others to solve this problem. This money will be put toward hiring a Seattle-based team of engineering, operations, and sales staff to replace the arcane process of faxing and printing medical records.
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