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eVote Secures $3M Seed Funding

NEW YORK, NY, eVote announced today a $3 million seed investment from SGO, a social impact-focused technology venture fund.
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eVote announced today a $3 million seed investment from SGO, a social impact-focused technology venture fund, to develop and launch the digital feedback service in the United States.

Based in New York City, eVote is a web and mobile platform designed to enable people and organizations to think, decide and act together. Currently in beta and working with a select group of clients across multiple consumer industries, eVote will be available to the public later this year.

"It's rare to have a trifecta of an innovative business idea, experienced team, and the opportunity to create a meaningful impact," says Peter Espersen, CEO and Co-Founder of eVote. "From my experience in leading Lego's Digital Innovation and Crowdsourcing to nurturing big ideas across multiple incubators, eVote is the first technology platform that's able to harness digital voices into actions and business decisions."

eVote's applications span private and public sectors for businesses and consumers. SGO is a strong partner whose shared vision and deep expertise will fuel eVote's ability to inform, gather and make changes together.

"SGO looks for tools and solutions that will expand the infrastructure for democracy in the 21st century. The U.S. market is ready for something new and eVote has great potential to transform how societal challenges can be addressed," says Antonio Mugica, CEO of SGO and Smartmatic.

Early access sign-up is available on

About eVote
Voting needs a reboot. As it stands, opinions fall on deaf ears when it comes issues we care about. eVote changes all that. Designed for non-government voting - like news, politics and culture - eVote's feedback loop turns results into action. Our user-verified platform easily facilitates large groups of private and public communities changing the way the internet makes informed decisions.

About SGO
SGO is a corporation that is fostering a family of bold initiatives to provide societies, governments and individuals with the tools to address some of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century.

We aim to develop an impressive array of technological tools that help governments, businesses and individuals to better serve one another, starting with the areas of elections, government efficiency, pollution control, and identity and privacy management. The SGO Group is headquartered in London.
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