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TealNet Mobile Receives Investment

SAN DIEGO, CA, TealNet Mobile has received an investment from TealTech Capital.
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TealTech Capital fund announced its first venture today for the TealNet Mobile Medical Office (MMO), a novel healthcare platform for rapid on-site services based on point-of-care diagnostics and telemedicine.

TealNet MMO, a San Diego-based startup company, developed the Mobile Medical Office to offer healthcare providers a technology platform for rapid on-site point-of-care diagnostics and telemedicine in urgent care pediatrics, cardiology, virology, and neurology, as well as other vital therapeutic areas. This platform enables qualified physicians to perform diagnostics and analyses at a patient's home within 10-20 min. The quality and volume of these analyses are comparable to those performed in a regular hospital or an outpatient clinic in 1-3 days. The doctors of the TealNet MMO are dispatched to treat cases they specialize in and are fully equipped with medicines to begin treatment immediately. Moreover, the platform offers a variety of price differentiation points that enable patients to choose the type of consultation that best fits their needs and budgets, making it more convenient and affordable. The TealNet MMO platform also uses a service review system called "My Opinion Matters" to monitor client satisfaction, to allow patients to stay in touch with their physicians, and to maintain a high quality of service.

"The inconveniences associated with long wait times and service inefficiencies in regular hospitals and clinics make people look for alternative ways of satisfying their healthcare needs," commented Nikolay Savchuk, Managing Partner at Torrey Pines Investment, the leading investor of the TealTech Capital fund. "TealNet MMO aims at solving this problem by providing patients with a fast, convenient, and reliable way of seeing a qualified physician, being diagnosed and treated, all without leaving the house. We believe that home health services platforms like TealNet MMO are the future of healthcare, and we created the fund to help advance innovative start-ups that bring convenient, digitalized, modern solutions to patients."

About TealTech Capital
The $60 million fund of TealTech Capital focuses on financing innovative start-ups in the areas of point-of-care diagnostics and treatment that develop novel organizational and financial models for the delivery of health services, including in-home and virtual care, and that advance artificial intelligence and deep learning healthcare support systems. The main goal of the fund is to promote the development of these cutting-edge medical and healthcare technologies while providing patients with fast and convenient healthcare services. Learn more at
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