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VC-funded Company:

Fortscale Security
951 Mariners Island Boulevard, Suite 300
San Mateo, CA 94404
Phone: 650-397-9630

Fortscale turns the tables on insider threats by delivering the industry's most precise, scalable and extendible user behavior analytics solution. Enterprises face a growing threat from malicious employees and external hackers that have access to hijacked and compromised legitimate user credentials, which they use to carry out cyber-attacks and massive data breaches. These sophisticated attacks occurring from within the network have been difficult for security analysts to detect using traditional security measures. However, Fortscale offers a proven user behavior analytics solution that can identify and eliminate these insider threats. With unrivaled machine learning, superior analytics capabilities and context-based alerting, Fortscale empowers analysts and security teams to act with unmatched user intelligence and easy-to-use investigation tools so they can quickly identify malicious activity and respond to threats.

Key Contact
Idan Tendler
CEO and Co-Founder
Funding Events

11/24/15 $6,000,000 CME Ventures
UST Global
03/01/17 $7,000,000 Blumberg Capital
CME Ventures
Evolution Equity Partners
Intel Capital
Swarth Group
UST Global
Valor Capital