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VC-funded Company:

HotSpot Therapeutics
400 Technology Square, 10th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-758-8998

HotSpot Therapeutics is targeting nature's regulatory mechanisms to create allosteric medicines that exhibit high precision and potency. HotSpot's proprietary SpotFinder technology platform is the first and only technology platform to systematically identify and target 'regulatory hotspots'; a unique family of allosteric sites used by nature to regulate protein function. Using bespoke chemistry approaches, HotSpot is developing a pipeline of first-in-class medicines for treatment of serious autoimmune and metabolic diseases. The company has identified over 100 regulatory hotspots across a range of proteins and pathways. HotSpot's lead compounds include the first and only allosteric inhibitors to target PKC-theta, for autoimmune diseases, and S6 kinase, an immunometabolic enzyme involved in the regulation of hepatic insulin sensitivity and mitochondrial function - an important new target for NASH and metabolic diseases.

Key Contact
Jonathan Montagu
CEO & Co-Founder
Funding Events

07/17/18 $45,000,000 Series A Atlas Venture
Sofinnova Partners
05/21/20 $65,000,000 Series B Atlas Venture
Brace Pharma
MRL Ventures Fund
S.R. One
Sofinnova Partners
Solasta Ventures
Tekla Capital Management
11/29/21 $100,000,000 Series C Atlas Venture
B Capital Group
CaaS Capital Management
Monashee Investment Management
MRL Ventures Fund
Pavilion Capital
Pivotal bioVenture Partners
Revelation Partners
Sofinnova Partners
SR One
Tekla Capital Management

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