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LogicHub prioritizes high-risk threats organizations face with the accuracy of experienced security analysts at 1,000 times the speed. Its Security Intelligence Automation platform captures and automates human security analysts' intelligence, knowledge and expertise to prioritize threats more effectively than pure AI-based approaches or rule-based SIEM solutions. By creating a digital map of human security analysts' minds, which includes not only personal insights but also depth of experience and domain knowledge, LogicHub significantly increases the leverage of organizations' security teams. Its collaborative, assistive technology makes it so that any new employee, or even junior-level analyst, becomes as capable as the most advanced team member. Unhindered access to the security brain trust of the entire organization creates a knowledge base that is easy to search, use and share. Adaptability is a key element of the LogicHub approach. Because analysts can easily train or program the software, every usage of LogicHub is customized to meet the specific security needs of any organization. By using LogicHub, organizations are able to overcome challenges caused by security talent shortages, leverage their security teams up to 10x more than before and significantly reduce the risk of a missed breach.

Key Contact
Kumar Saurabh
Funding Events

02/01/17 $8,400,000 Series A