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VC-funded Company:

3565 Piedmont Rd NE
Atlanta, GA

Founded in 2016, Ninety is currently helping more than 10,000 companies, and hundreds of thousands of their employees, harness the power of people and teams working as one. Ninety's simple, intuitive, fully integrated and secure suite of company-building tools has become the world's most sophisticated and comprehensive platform supporting business operating systems for SMBs. Ninety's expanding array of tools and features helps people run great meetings; build and monitor insightful scorecards; set, track, and achieve 90-day goals (aka Rocks); build, document, and share their organizational chart, vision, and core processes; and conduct quarterly and annual feedback sessions that are built around the data that's pulled from all the other tools. Ninety's fully integrated platform makes (as its founder loves to share) it easier for the employees of small to mid-size companies to work extraordinarily well together from wherever they are.

Key Contact
Mark Abbott
Founder & CEO
Funding Events

11/16/23 $35,000,000 Series B Blue Cloud Ventures
Catalyst Investors
Insight Partners