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VC-funded Company:

Seeds Investor
1460 Broadway Mailroom
New York, NY 10036
Phone: 212-287-7370

Launched in 2019, fintech platform Seeds Investor was founded by financial advisors who recognized a growing gap between advisors and clients looking to truly align personal values with financial priorities. Without the right tech tools to engage clients in conversations about values and to efficiently deliver tailored portfolio solutions, advisors were missing opportunities to address pent-up demand. Meanwhile, a fragmented-and often diluted-supply of investment products in the market continued to misalign with client needs. So Seeds created a better way for leading advisors to deliver more by providing the technology and tools to engage with investors on their values and wealth goals and meaningfully connect them to customized investment solutions.

Key Contact
Zach Conway
Founder & CEO
Funding Events

12/06/22 $2,700,000 Seed DuContra Ventures
Paul Walker
Ritholtz Wealth Management
Ryan Shanks
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