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VC-funded Company:

The New York Shipping Exchange
26 Park St., Suite 2000
Montclair, NJ 07042
Phone: 646-864-9932

The New York Shipping Exchange (NYSHEX) is the market created by and for the shippers, freight forwarders and carriers in the global ocean transport industry. Through fair practices, inclusivity and the introduction of the first forward freight contract, NYSHEX provides the alternative to the unpredictable spot market and volatility of freight rates. More than a platform or software, NYSHEX is an institution desired by every interest within the industry, a true market that could turn the industry's inefficiency into a $32 billion economic opportunity. NYSHEX's lofty goals are anchored by innovations that give carriers the ability to offer 'all-in' contracts to shippers and forwarders that specify volume, departure date, and destination while enabling shippers to enter into fully enforceable contracts that can be exited, if necessary. Efficient, accessible and fair, the NYSHEX launches a new era in global ocean transport, in the same city where container shipping itself was born.

Key Contact
Gordon Downes
Funding Events

03/22/17 $8,500,000 Series A Blumberg Capital
GE Ventures
Goldman Sachs
Tectonic Ventures

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