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TomoCredit Raises $122M

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, TomoCredit announced today that it raised $122 million in equity and debt.
TomoCredit, the female, immigrant founded credit card lending to over 40 million credit-invisible immigrants and international students with no credit history in the U.S, announced today that it raised $122 million in equity and debt. The round has attracted a great set of strategic investors including Morgan Stanley's Next Level Fund, MasterCard, and debt from Silicon Valley Bank. The round was oversubscribed by major fintech investors and culture funds including GoldHouse, Asian Hustle network, and Hyphen Capital.

TomoCredit is here to make credit building possible for people who never got the chance to start. With the TomoCredit World Elite Credit Card, customers can increase the rate at which their credit score improves. TomoCredit believes their customers are more than a number, which is why there is no credit history required. There are never any fees, no APRs and customers have the opportunity to build their credit limit over time while enjoying benefits worth over $300.
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