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Venafi is the Immune System for the Internet that protects the foundation of all cybersecurity - cryptographic keys and digital certificates - so they can't be misused by bad guys in attacks. In today's connected world, cybercriminals want to gain trusted status and remain undetected, which makes keys and certificates a prime target. Unfortunately, most security systems blindly trust keys and certificates, allowing bad guys to use them to hide in encrypted traffic, spoof websites, deploy malware, and steal data. As the Immune System for the Internet, Venafi patrols across the network, on devices, behind the firewall, and throughout the internet to determine which SSL/TLS, SSH, WiFi, VPN and mobile keys and certificates are trusted, protects those that should be trusted, and fixes or blocks those that are not.

Key Contact
Jeff Hudson
Funding Events

06/30/15 $39,000,000 Foundation Capital
Intel Capital
QuestMark Partners
Silver Lake Waterman

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