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Venture Capital News: Quantified Care Inks Investment

NEW YORK, NY, KiwiVenture Partners II is proud to announce an investment in Quantified Care, a mobile, multimedia software platform for care providers.
KiwiVenture Partners II is proud to announce an investment in Quantified Care, a mobile, multimedia software platform for care providers to remotely manage, monitor, and engage patients battling chronic conditions. Through the Quantified Care platform, providers and payers are able to provide direct support to patients who they believe need care most, when they need it most. Improved clinical efficiency can reduce operational costs while an enhanced customer experience and better outcomes in the managed population often leads to cost savings and cost avoidance from reduced readmissions and penalties.
'We are very excited about our investment in Quantified Care,' says Neal Gupta, Managing Partner of KiwiVenture Partners II. 'We believe that Mike Batista (CEO) and his team at Quantified Care provide a perfect solution for patient monitoring and have a tremendous ability to positively impact patient outcomes.'
Quantified Care represents the third investment by KiwiVenture Partners II this fall, in addition to Privy and Terra's Kitchen. 'We continue to see compelling investment opportunities, as well as in the wider early-stage technology sector, and are committed to being an active player in the venture capital landscape,' added Neal.
'Over the last couple years, KiwiVenture Partners has been an excellent supporter in Quantified Care's efforts to improve patient care and management through digital health technology. With this announcement, I am proud to call KiwiVenture Partners an investor in our business and look forward to our continued partnership as we work to grow and scale Quantified Care,' says Mike Batista, CEO of Quantified Care.
About KiwiVenture Partners II:
KiwiVenture Partners II is a New York-based venture capital fund established in 2016 to invest in early to mid-stage companies. KiwiVenture Partners II leverages a partnership with KiwiTech, a mobile development service firm for entrepreneurs, to offer a differentiated capital platform for companies seeking to scale their businesses. The firm's Managing Partners are William Cohen, Rakesh Gupta, and Neal Gupta. For more information, visit
About Quantified Care:
Quantified Care brings a new opportunity for payers and providers to perform remote monitoring and management of the chronically ill while engaging patients to become active participants in their own healthcare. For healthcare organizations managing patients struggling with chronic conditions such as hypertension, heart failure, and asthma, Quantified Care helps these patients better manage their health, provides care managers with real-time insights, and facilitates engagement to collectively reduce the likelihood of readmission. For more information, visit
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