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Venture Capital News: BizAnytime Closes $2M Seed Funding

TUCSON, AZ, BizAnytime (5050Biz, LLC) announced it has exceeded $2 million in investment through its seed funding efforts.
BizAnytime (5050Biz, LLC) announced it has exceeded $2 million in investment through its seed funding efforts. Rather than opting for traditional venture capital funding, BizAnytime has focused on smaller independent investors seeking to capitalize on the opportunities in the technology industry. This approach has proved exceptionally successful and has provided valuable funding for BizAnytime's unique business model and exclusive communications software platform.

Leif Hartwig, CEO of BizAnytime, stated, 'We have been extremely fortunate to have a great group of private investors who are excited about the BizAnytime technology and the opportunity in this segment.' Hartwig added, 'With industry analysts predicting that cloud collaboration will reach only 33 percent market penetration by 2017, we know that the untapped market for BizAnytime is vast.' The bulk of initial funding has been utilized for research and development of the BizAnytime online collaboration and communication platform. The development and beta testing phases for the current software system have already been completed. Consequently, BizAnytime is now focused on business development efforts and fostering a continuing dialogue with its users to allow the product to evolve into the most innovative online collaboration and communication tool on the market.

The recent integration of Dropbox functionality into BizAnytime provides a fast and convenient way to incorporate existing files into discussions and communications without the need for email or re-uploading. Karen Connors, BizAnytime's Chief Operating Officer, sees this as a natural connection. 'Just as Dropbox does with files, we allow users to create and share collaboration workspaces with people inside and outside the walls of their business,' Connors stated, adding, 'When I log in to BizAnytime, I can see my online workspaces for work, outside activities like booster clubs, shared spaces with family members and any other current collaborative efforts.'

BizAnytime is a leading force for innovation in the collaboration and communications software marketplace. The unique open platform design of this advanced software allows easy sharing of documents and information through secure workspaces that provide access from inside the office or from across the country with equal ease. With the added financial resources available thanks to its independent investors, BizAnytime is well positioned to expand its operations and provide its cutting-edge collaboration software to even more customers in the competitive marketplace.

About BizAnytime:

The BizAnytime cloud-based system provides advanced tools for collaboration, communication and sharing among colleagues, clients and vendors. The company offers a range of services that include the following:

Shared workspaces
Task management tools
Ongoing discussion feeds
Chat programs
Cloud file storage and sharing functions
Document and project collaboration
Video conferencing tools

BizAnytime offers all users a free entry-level account for this advanced suite of cloud computing services.
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