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Venture Capital News: Fauna Receives $4.5M Seed Round

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Fauna, a startup building the next-generation adaptive operational database, today announced the close of $4.5M in Series Seed funding.
The oversubscribed round was led by Charles River Ventures, with participation from existing investors Data Collective, Quest VP, the Webb Investment Network, and Ulu Ventures. A number of angel investors, including industry pioneers Scott McNealy, founder of SUN Microsystems, and Olivier Pomel, founder of DataDog, also joined the round.

Founded in 2012 by early Twitter engineers, Fauna has developed the first adaptive operational database. FaunaDB lets digital businesses comprehensively address the requirements of modern applications, without sacrificing agility. It combines global distribution with an innovative multi-tenant architecture that allocates resource consumption by business priority. With a secure, developer-friendly query language and forthcoming ACID-compliant strong consistency, FaunaDB enables IT organizations to achieve a balance between operational efficiency and ease of developing modern, business-critical applications.

'Despite decades of database innovation, companies are still burdened by expensive, inflexible, and redundant systems,' said Evan Weaver, co-founder and CEO. 'Engineering teams spend half their time fighting fires rather than innovating. The opportunity costs are enormous. We've spent four years building and proving out an entirely new database architecture that enables companies to definitively bridge the chasm between scale and adaptability. We're excited to now prepare for our initial public launch.'

'Modern enterprises need to deliver operational data in real-time, at global scale,' said Murat Bicer, General Partner at CRV. 'The Fauna team's success at solving this challenge at Twitter gives them unique insight into how operational databases should evolve. FaunaDB is already deployed and trusted by enterprises in mission-critical environments supporting tens of millions of users in production. This demonstrates the disciplined approach the Fauna team have taken in bringing their ground-breaking technology to market, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.'

FaunaDB is already a mission-critical component for companies that need to deliver products at global scale, increase infrastructure utilization, decrease operational overhead, and improve time to market. Early customers using cloud and on-premise deployments of FaunaDB include NVIDIA, as well as other industry leaders in data-rich industries such as social, mobile, SaaS, IoT, and gaming.

'At Twitter we were painfully aware of the lack of off-the-shelf systems that were flexible, safe, and scalable,' said Matt Freels, co-founder and CTO. 'That pain is still felt by IT organizations everywhere, but we're now changing that with FaunaDB.'

FaunaDB is currently in managed beta. For more information and to sign-up for the beta program, please visit:

About Fauna
FaunaDB is a modern operational database that lets enterprises adapt at scale by combining global distribution, multi-tenancy, and strong consistency with a modern, converged query language. Unlike legacy databases, FaunaDB delivers flexibility, scalability, and safety without compromise. FaunaDB is available as an elastic cloud service and as an on-premises package with zero infrastructure lock-in. For more information please visit
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