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Venture Capital News: HeadSpin Raises $20M Series B

PALO ALTO, CA, Mobile performance platform provider HeadSpin today announced $20 million in Series B financing.
The round includes new investors ICONIQ, Battery Ventures, EQT Ventures, Kearny Jackson, Adam D'Angelo, Ross Mason, and Ryan Hoover. They join existing investors GV, Telstra Ventures, DanHua Capital, Nexus Ventures Partners, NextWorld Capital, and others.

"What HeadSpin has been able to achieve in its first three years is remarkable, and it has already attracted dozens of major clients across the mobile ecosystem," said Will Griffith, Founding Partner at ICONIQ. "The company is quickly becoming the new standard of record for all mobile ecosystem players going forward. It's one of the fastest-scaling software companies we've seen."

Co-founders Manish Lachwani and Brien Colwell are the pioneers of mobile performance monitoring and testing, with recent in-house experiences at Google, Zynga, Palantir, Quora and Amazon -- in addition to creating and exiting several mobile startups. Recognizing how difficult it is to pinpoint a single mobile user experience problem in an increasingly complex ecosystem of software, global infrastructure and devices, they created the HeadSpin Mobile Performance Platform (MPP), which gives app developers and other members of the mobile ecosystem full server to client visibility and the ability to experience their mobile app or website precisely the way their users around the world do. The platform helps enterprises manage the combinatorial explosion that happens when companies scale their mobile infrastructure to address the growing complexities of multiple user environments, device fragmentation, network characteristics, and more.

"The HeadSpin platform signals a radical shift in the approach to both building and monitoring users' mobile experiences. Traditional solutions have only simulated real-world conditions for developers or offered very limited manual testing that doesn't scale. HeadSpin is the first deep, AI-driven platform that helps find the root cause of quality and user experience problems without introducing any overhead or requiring a complex installation," said Karim Faris, General Partner at GV.

The platform leverages a device cloud, or a global network of 22,000 SIM-enabled devices in 150 global locations. The platform enables customers to conduct real-world mobile testing and monitoring, and provides detailed performance insights into every part of the mobile ecosystem -- devices, operating systems, apps, servers, CDNs and network. It also includes an AI engine which identifies high priority issues so its customers can stay on top of performance and user experience at scale across the globe.

HeadSpin Is Winning Customers in Every Layer of the Mobile Experience Ecosystem

In three short years, HeadSpin acquired dozens of major mobile app provider customers including Tinder and DocuSign; device OEMs including Dell; leading operating system teams; telco carriers including Telstra, and CDN firms such as Akamai. HeadSpin offers customized services built for every type of app and infrastructure provider between the server and client. HeadSpin's customers serve approximately 3 billion of the world's mobile users.

"HeadSpin removes the guesswork out of what causes weak customer experience, such as why it takes 10 seconds for an app to load," said Bryan Li, Director of Engineering, Tinder. "Before HeadSpin, it took a long time to find a root cause, and meanwhile, there was finger pointing going on between carriers, app developers and device manufacturers. But now we have a single version of truth and all partners can work together and solve performance problems more efficiently."

About HeadSpin

HeadSpin is the complete solution for all your mobile performance and user experience needs. Through its Mobile Performance Platform (MPP), HeadSpin provides mobile application developers, carrier networks, device OEMs, and CDN providers detailed visibility into user experience issues across every layer of the mobile ecosystem - from client to server. The MPP consists of more than 22,000 SIM-enabled devices in more than 150 locations. This enables customers to quickly debug, test and optimize for user experience and performance under real-world conditions around the world. HeadSpin's customers serve approximately 3 billion of the world's mobile users. Find out why HeadSpin is trusted by some of the largest enterprises in the world at or on Twitter @HeadSpin_IO.
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