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Venture Capital News: Happify Grabs $5M

NEW YORK, NY, Happify, the leader in emotional wellbeing and mental health software solutions, announced today the launch of its enterprise-focused business, Happify Health.
Through Happify Health, Happify will expand its evidence-based, highly engaging digital behavior interventions platform to large healthcare providers and employers.

'Since launching Happify, we quickly learned that our platform can help improve access to readily available emotional health and wellbeing solutions for health plan members and employees of major corporations,' said Happify President Ofer Leidner. 'Happify Health will help companies improve the population health of their employees and members who are interested in mental health, mindfulness, resilience and emotional wellbeing solutions.'

Happify Health provides a software solution for health plans and employers to improve access to affordable and readily available emotional health and wellbeing solutions. Based on decades of scientific research on interventions that foster wellbeing and resilience, Happify Health provides close to 60 programs created by leading experts through its online platform and app. With high engagement outcomes and solutions for population health, Happify Health addresses resilience, mindfulness, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and mood disorders on-demand at any time of day.

The company also announced advisor and board member Dr. Andrew Sekel has expanded his role and was named chairman. Formerly CEO of OptumHealth Specialty Networks, Sekel brings more than two decades of experience in the healthcare industry and will help guide the company's enterprise efforts. At OptumHealth, Sekel led the company's behavioral health services, including comprehensive management of mental health care, integrated employee assistance, work-life and workforce solutions to improve employees' mental health and productivity.

'Dr. Sekel's expertise working in behavioral health within the healthcare industry will be invaluable for Happify Health and we're honored to have him as chairman,' said Happify CEO Tomer Ben-Kiki. 'Dr. Sekel knows the challenges of cost and access providers face in addressing mental and emotional health. With his knowledge of the industry, we can scale Happify Health's cost-effective, easily accessible and positive outcome interventions for the enterprise market.'

To accelerate its enterprise market growth, Happify has added a $5 million investment round in funding from Marketplace Fund II and Hills Capital with participation from existing investors. The company will use the investment to hire staff focused on the enterprise market and expand its Happify Health business.

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About Happify Health
Happify Health ( offers evidence-based emotional health and wellbeing solutions for employers, health plans and enterprise organizations. Based on decades of scientific research on interventions that foster wellbeing and resilience in individuals, Happify Health provides more than 60 programs created by leading experts through its online platform. Topic areas include resilience and mindfulness, as well as conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to chronic pain and insomnia. Its web and mobile apps give users immediate access to Happify activities any time of day or night.

About Happify
Happify ( is a New York City-based company delivering evidence-based interventions for emotional, behavioral and mental health and wellbeing in highly engaging digital formats. Co-founded by Tomer Ben-Kiki, Ofer Leidner and Andy Parsons, Happify provides programs, activities and exercises based on decades of scientific research in the fields of positive psychology, CBT and mindfulness. Happify offers free and paid subscription memberships for consumers and business solutions for corporate and enterprise markets.
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