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Venture Capital News: Zoomdata Secures $4.1M in Series A

RESTON, VA, Startup that provides a next-generation data analytics and visualization platform for real-time and historical big data, announced that it has secured a $4.1 million Series A round of financing.
-Zoomdata, a startup that provides a next-generation data analytics and visualization platform for real-time and historical big data, announced that it has secured a $4.1 million Series A round of financing. Menlo Park-based Columbus Nova Technology Partners (CNTP) led the round, with Razor's Edge, CIT, and B7 participating. Zoomdata intends to expand its engineering, operations, and sales and marketing teams to service its growing client base and open an office in Silicon Valley later this month.

Zoomdata is also announcing that it is one of the first data analysis technology vendors specifically designed for Cloudera Impala, and that its application is now certified on Cloudera CDH. 'Cloudera welcomes Zoomdata as a certified data analysis and visualization partner. Specially designed to take advantage of Impala's architecture, Zoomdata promises to bring real-time and historical visual analysis of big data at the speed of thought to non-technical business users,' said Tim Stevens, vice president, Business Development, Cloudera.

'Data analytics is being disrupted in two ways - by big data technologies like Impala, Hadoop, NoSQL, and Solr on the back-end, and by mobile, touch, and gestural interfaces on the front end. Zoomdata powers real-time data analytics and visualizations optimized for these next-generation back- and front-ends,' said Justin Langseth, Founder and CEO of Zoomdata. 'Our visualizations, based on d3.js, are beautiful, customizable, and can be used stand-alone, or embedded in other applications.'

Bob Ghoorah, Founder & Managing Director at CNTP sees a significant market opportunity as many software and SaaS companies are looking to replace legacy embedded analytical packages and charting libraries with more dynamic, real-time, customizable, and big data-optimized analytical frameworks. 'Zoomdata's approach to data analytics and visualization is truly groundbreaking because it allows for modern analytics to be tightly woven into the fabric of organizations and other applications,' said Ghoorah. 'Zoomdata is well positioned to fulfill this urgent requirement for success in 21st century business.'

Zoomdata fuses together real-time and historical data from a variety of sources, ranging from big data repositories, to search engines, to legacy databases. Using its unique No-ETL approach of treating both real-time and historical data as a stream, it is able to join data together from disparate sources in a just-in-time manner to power interactive data visuals on a wide range of mobile, touch, and legacy devices.

'We are bringing the power of big data analytics to the 99%--the non-data geeks of the world, who are thirsting for a simple, intuitive, and collaborate way to leverage the power of big data. Instead of requiring top-down data modeling and ETL, Zoomdata builds a corporate 'data quilt' from the grass roots up,' said Zoomdata CEO Justin Langseth. 'We also empower a new class of 'data artists' to create fundamentally new ways to represent data, that can then trigger viral loops of adoption of visual analytics across an organization.'

Zoomdata's iPad app is downloadable from the Apple iPad App store. The Zoomdata server can be downloaded from and includes 5 free user accounts. Demos of Zoomdata-powered visualizations can be seen at

About Zoomdata, Inc.
Zoomdata, based in Reston, Va., delivers a no-ETL, real-time big data visualization application that helps business analysts combine multiple data streams, create beautiful real-time interactive visuals and share their work and insights on tablets and browsers securely and instantly. For more information, please visit:

About Columbus Nova Technology Partners
CNTP is a global technology investment firm with offices in Silicon Valley and New York.

About Razor's Edge
Razor's Edge is a venture capital fund based in Herndon, Virginia founded by a group of entrepreneurs and executives from the national security industry. The goal of Razor's Edge is to help innovative companies rapidly deliver unique capabilities to the government customers who need them.

About B7
B7 is a network of people passionate about technology and the growth of the tech scene in the greater DC area. We are Vision Capitalists, our mission is to discover great companies, un-tap their potential, and generate success at multiple levels for our companies and partners. For more information, please visit:
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