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Venture Capital News: FHOOSH Grabs $2M

MIAMI, FL, FHOOSH, a cybersecurity startup, has raised $2 million from Volta Global.
FHOOSH, the first company to pair high-speed data transmission with ultra-secure cybersecurity, recently secured a $2 million investment from Volta Global, a private investment group active in transformational venture capital, as part of FHOOSH's recent oversubscribed financing.

FHOOSH's unique software platform helps corporations, institutions and governments protect and power valuable stored digital information at certified speeds up to eight times faster than storing data unencrypted, and up to 15 times faster than today's competing encryption solutions. As a drop-in software solution, FHOOSH is also highly flexible and adaptable to work with any organization's existing architecture. With FHOOSH, organizations no longer compromise data security for speed. The company, founded in late 2012, has applied clean slate design thinking to build a high performance cybersecurity platform from architecture to implementation that speeds and protects data from the edge to the cloud, and is protected by a very strong and robust IP portfolio.

Eric Tobias, FHOOSH co-founder and CEO, says, 'The partnership and additional pre-Series A capital investment from Volta Global enables us to accelerate products to market. Our highly creative and focused team is highly energized as we are consistently hearing that no other company is pairing high speed data transmission with advanced security, especially to move data into and out of public, private and hybrid clouds. Linda Eigner co-founder & President of FHOOSH, adds, 'We're very fortunate to partner with Volta Global, visionaries with worldwide experience, who focus on long-term success and building businesses the right way.'

Marko Dimitrijevic, chairman of Volta Global, says, 'We are excited to partner with Linda and Eric, talented and experienced entrepreneurs who have designed a game changing software solution with immense potential.' Jeff Evans, managing director of Volta Global, adds, 'Data has never been more valuable, and simultaneously as vulnerable, to an organization as it is today. FHOOSH has developed a novel, proprietary solution to enable enhanced safety, security, and speed, all at once.'

FHOOSH plans to use the funds to fuel growth by bringing on additional engineers and others to deliver on its promise: 'Faster Data, More Secure.'

FHOOSH, Inc. develops high-speed cybersecurity software solutions that protect data at rest and in transit at speeds certified up to 8x faster than storing even unencrypted data. FHOOSH delivers on the promise of 'faster data, more secure' by safeguarding data at an elemental level from the edge/endpoint to the cloud. With the FHOOSH system's patent-pending security built in from architecture to implementation, an unauthorized interception or breach nets only data 'dust' instead of information 'diamonds.' FHOOSH cybersecurity is highly applicable to secure use of any cloud, enterprise protection, secure backup, ransomware safeguarding, secure IoT, secure user and key management and end-to-end data protection. For more information, please visit

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