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Venture Capital News: Valtix Raises $14M

SANTA CLARA, CA, Valtix announced that it has raised over $14 million in funding from Trinity Ventures, Vertex Ventures and Wing Venture Capital.
Today, Valtix announced that it has raised over $14 million in funding from Trinity Ventures, Vertex Ventures and Wing Venture Capital. The company also unveiled the industry's first cloud-native network security platform, the Valtix Security Platform. Valtix is breaking down the security barrier to large-scale cloud adoption for enterprises.

Nearly all enterprises are using one or multiple clouds as part of rapid enterprise cloud adoption. In a recent Gartner survey of public cloud users, 81% of respondents said they are working with two or more providers. As organizations shift and launch new applications in the cloud at an accelerating rate, enterprises are faced with a growing surface area to protect, and data center cloud sprawl that is difficult for security teams to control enterprise-wide.

"As today's enterprises move to the cloud and face multi-cloud sprawl, they have a difficult security decision to make - being agile and naked or rigid and secure," stated Vishal Jain, Co-Founder and CEO of Valtix. "Organizations need a solution that provides the enterprise network security they need to move at the 'speed of the cloud.' We founded Valtix to offer a third choice - a set of security services built specifically for the cloud that can unify multi-cloud security for greater visibility, agility, and performance."

Unlike traditional network security appliances that require intensive scripting for orchestration and scalability, the Valtix Security Platform runs as a cloud native service and targets lowering the pain of security management and accelerating security agility. The platform automatically discovers new applications that run in the cloud and automatically follows these applications to ensure the right inline security rules and protections are applied.

"Valtix really changed the game for how we secure applications in the cloud," said Leo Mata, Manager of Tech Ops and Infosec for Backcountry. "We love how simple it makes adapting security automatically to our workloads."

Comprised of the Valtix Cloud Controller and Valtix Cloud Firewall, Valtix revolutionizes inline cloud network security, with innovations that make visibility and enforcement automatic at the pace of the applications they protect.

Cloud-native - Possesses all of the attributes of a cloud-native capability: automated app discovery and elastic scaling, native multi-cloud support, automatic adaptation and pay-as-you-go pricing.
Unified - Unified application-inventory, consolidated security across TLS, advanced firewall, IPS, WAF and more, with a single policy across clouds that follows the application.
High Performance - High throughput and low latency, rapid and automatic response to application deployment, change and growth.
"We are inspired by Valtix's audacious vision of being the first cloud native network security platform," stated Karan Mehandru, General Partner of Trinity Ventures and Valtix Board Member. "In an industry that has been riddled with incremental products, we are honored to partner with Valtix on their mission to bring a truly transformative and holistic solution to market. Driven by deep and authentic market understanding, the Valtix team is uniquely positioned to give customers the security and protection they deserve as they move to the cloud."

The Valtix Security Platform is generally available today for enterprises looking to streamline their network security for the cloud. For more information about the company or its technology, please contact or visit Valtix.

About Valtix

Valtix is the industry's first cloud-native network security platform. Comprised of Valtix Cloud Controller and Valtix Cloud Firewall, the solution revolutionizes cloud network security with innovations that make visibility and enforcement automatic at the pace of the apps they protect. The controller supports deployments for AWS and Azure and GCP later this year. The firewall is architected with built-in auto scale, app-aware security policy and a single-pass pipeline for TLS, advanced FW, IPS, advanced WAF and more, which operates on a variety of cloud instance types from basic to the most advanced. Learn more at Valtix.
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