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Venture Capital News: Kextil Snares Seed Funding

PITTSBURGH, PA, Developer of the first contextual voice enabled mobile workforce software for Field Service, today announced that it has received seed funding from Innovation Works.
Kextil, the developer of the first contextual voice enabled mobile workforce software for Field Service, today announced that it has received seed funding from Innovation Works to support continued development of the Kextil software suite and the rollout of new customers. A portion of the funding will be specifically used for porting the application to multiple mobile platforms.

"Innovation Works represents more than just a source of expansion capital for Kextil," said Jonathan Berman , Kextil Founder and CEO. "Innovation Works is a strategic investor and their investment is recognized as a seal of approval for Pennsylvania-based companies. Innovation Works' portfolio companies have an outstanding record of attracting follow on institutional funding, and we are excited to be working with them to accelerate Kextil's growth."

Global Field Service organizations in Medical, Energy, Technology, and Manufacturing are aggressively enhancing their existing Field Service Tools in an effort to improve the Quality of Repair (QoR™) and reduce cost. The Kextil voice platform is a unique enabling technology that opens up significant operational improvement opportunities that were considered unreachable with existing solutions. Specific areas of benefit include: eliminating documentation time, ensuring compliance with best practices, and reducing the need for repeat truck rolls. Kextil software understands contextual voice commands to capture information in real time and enable intelligent guidance and query for the technician through all parts of the maintenance and repair process.

"Kextil is clearly an innovator in the Field Services Automation market space," said Richard Lunak , President and CEO for Innovation Works. "We believe in their vision of changing the way Field Service work is performed - making each field tech more productive and cost-effective. Simultaneously, Kextil's spoken dialog innovations position it well in a hot space that is attracting venture capital and strategic investment."

About Kextil
Kextil is the leading provider of voice enabled mobile workforce software for the Global Field Service Market, working with leaders in advanced manufacturing, medical equipment, utilities, semiconductor, industrial equipment, and more. Kextil was formed to create a step-function improvement in the way large field service organizations collect and utilize knowledge. Our vision capitalizes on advanced speech recognition to leverage existing investments in workforce development and supporting IT infrastructure.
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