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Venture Capital News: Nara Logics Snares $4M Series A

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Next-generation personal Internet platform announced the launch of the company and $4 million in Series A funding.
Today, Nara Logics Inc., a company that solves the problem of web search by crafting a more personalized and liberating Web, announced the launch of the company and $4 million in Series A funding to build Nara, a next-generation personal Internet platform. Starting with restaurant recommendations, Nara's innovative platform analyzes the structure of the Web in a way that has never been done before, filtering information based on personal preferences and interests. Nara is currently in beta but available for testing at

"Nara is all about 'finding,' not searching," said Thomas Copeman, chief executive officer and founder of Nara. "The Internet should work for you, not the other way around. I started Nara based on the belief that we can all achieve a life well found. By creating the category of finding, we hope to push humanity towards discovering a greater understanding of what excites us and connects us back to the real world."

The Company and People Behind Nara

The Nara team is a collective of computer scientists, creative artists, neuroscientists, astrophysicists, and technology and Internet veterans. Board members and advisors include senior executives from companies such as Expedia, Intuit, and Sprint.

Nara has been in stealth mode since it was founded in 2010 by Thomas Copeman, a creative visionary and serial entrepreneur who has helped build brands such as lululemon athletica and BodyGlide. His passion lies in developing brands and products that create new categories, challenge existing boundaries, and improve your life.

Nara's chief technology officer, Dr. Nathan Wilson is a computer and neuroscientist who has dedicated his career to understanding new models of computation based on the architecture of the brain. With a doctorate in brain and cognitive sciences from MIT, and a master's degree in computer science and artificial intelligence from Cornell, Nathan conceived and built the Nara Neural Network. This complex algorithm closely mirrors a human brain in terms of information gathering and decision-making and is the underlying framework responsible for driving the technology inside of the Nara platform.

To date, Nara has raised $4 million in Series A funding led by Peter de Roetth and other angel investors to solve the problems associated with searching the Web today.

"I invested in Nara because I understand the problem that they're trying to solve and see tremendous market potential," said Peter de Roetth, president of Account Management LLC and Nara investor.

"We're entering the next phase of the Web in which intelligence, both human and artificial, must work together to deal with the accumulation of raw data that's beginning to overwhelm us."

The Science Behind Nara

"With Nara's brain-like learning algorithm, we're able to transform the search process so that the computer can identify and organize things on the web that are more relevant to you," said Nathan Wilson, chief technology officer of Nara. "Our patented, personalized Internet platform is truly unprecedented in the market and represents a new direction for machine intelligence compared to some earlier approaches."

Nara is building a fully automated engine for organizing the web's information as the human brain does it. This allows Nara to understand people's preferences, like a human would, and then provide them with personalized recommendations using "Digital DNA™." By expanding this process across a growing number of lifestyle categories, Nara hopes to offer a new type of interface, where computers help people explore their world, make decisions, and take action - replacing blind search with conscious discovery.

About Nara

Founded in 2010, Nara Logics Inc. solves the problem of Web searching through a next-generation personal Internet platform that automates, personalizes, and curates the web for people. Based in Cambridge, Mass., Nara's mission is to build a more personal, actionable and liberating Web to achieve a life well found. Founded by Thomas Copeman, Nara has raised $4 million in Series A funding backed by angel investors and led by Peter de Roetth.
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