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Venture Capital News: Slate Science Closes $1.1M Angel Round

NEW YORK, NY, Educational technology company announced the closing of a $1.1 million angel round of funding led by private investors.
Slate Science, an educational technology company offering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education products for tablets, today launched SlateMath, a series of educational apps the company will bring to market during 2013. SlateMath can be downloaded for free in multiple languages and is immediately available in Apple's App Store.

In conjunction with the launch, Slate Science announced the closing of a $1.1 Million angel round of funding led by private investors. The funds will be used for continued product innovation, marketing and operational costs.

Slate Science was founded by an A-team of educators and engineers with more than 100 years of combined experience in science education, instructional software development, and mobile platforms. The company developed a proprietary technology and a field-proven methodology for teaching STEM fields. Rather than oferring frontal videos and drill and skill practice, the company is focusing on crafting constructive learning environments that guide children through a rewarding process of self-discovery and intuitive exploration. The company's proprietary authoring technology enables it to develop and deploy its learning apps in a remarkably efficient and timely manner.

The company's first launched product - SlateMath K-1 - takes children on a journey of playful explorations that guide them through the process of intuitively acquiring seven kindergarten and first grade math fundamentals: Counting, Writing Digits, Addition, Comparison and Order, Parity, Patterns, and Problem Solving. These topics are learned through a progression of 30 engaging activities, each designed to endow a well-defined mathematical concept, skill, or insight. The SlateMath methodology offers fun and interactive ways to learn math and develop analytic skills, and is driven by the Common Core Mathematics Standards adopted by 45 U.S. states.

The SlateMath series was conceived to address a global frustration with math learning. The company's breakthrough learning methodologies tap into children's natural and intuitive learning processes, and help them acquire knowledge and competence constructively, using self-guided as well as teacher-guided exploration. "SlateMath has two purposes," said Prof. Shimon Schocken, one of the company's co-founders, "to teach math proper through self-paced and engaging discovery, and to expose children to the ways mathematicians think and reason about the world. We see a tremendous opportunity to use tablet technology and constructive pedagogy to endear math to children, and to help them develop into confident and competent thinkers."

The SlateMath series was designed from the ground up for an environment consisting of tablets, cloud computing, and standardized curricula. The series is based on a huge portfolio of modular, richly-indexed, and recombinant educational apps that Slate Science is now developing. Subsets of the SlateMath portfolio can be assembled to support existing textbooks and learning programs as well as the new wave of emerging digital textbooks. The software also adapts the contents dynamically, to address the learner's revealed strengths and weaknesses in real time.

"SlateMath is a game changer because it offers a new and innovative approach to teach math. The product is based on an experiential context, hands-on learning, and self-discovery, making the best utilization of the tablet's touch interface I've seen thus far in educational apps. This approach allows children to acquire and understand math 'in their bones'. The Slate Science technology and learning methodologies are applicable not only to math, but to many other STEM subjects as well," said Robert Scoble.

About Slate Science
Slate Science builds portfolios of educational apps designed to support standard STEM curricula while allowing students to develop, deeply understand, and experience hands-on conceptual learning. The company's first series of products is SlateMath, intended for the consumer market and aimed to support math instruction according to the Common Core Standards. A school version of SlateMath, intended for classroom use and equipped with a suite of teaching aids, will be released soon. Headquartered in New York, Slate Science has R&D facilities in Israel. The company's mission is to help students, teachers, and schools reach their highest potential using advanced technology and constructive, hands-on pedagogy. For more information please visit or follow us on Twitter at @SlateScience.
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