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Venture Capital News: Allergy Amulet Closes Additional Seed Funding

MADISON, WI, Allergy Amulet has announced additional seed funding.
Allergy Amulet has announced additional Seed funding, bringing its total amount raised in the round to $4.1 million. The Seed extension includes investments from AllerFund, the first venture capital firm dedicated to driving social impact for those managing food allergies, and Lightship Capital.

Allergy Amulet empowers the food allergy community to feel secure in their everyday lives by alleviating fears about what's in their food. As the world's smallest and fastest consumer food allergen sensor, Allergy Amulet is designed to fit into every lifestyle, whether on a keychain, a necklace, a wristband, or in a pocket. The company's patented technology tests for common allergenic ingredients in seconds, allowing users to savor life's important moments, safely and simply.
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