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Venture Capital News: HireVue Snares $25M

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Digital recruiting provider announced that it has partnered with Sequoia Capital and raised $25 million with participation from Kickstart Fund and existing investors.
Digital recruiting provider HireVue, today announced its expanded Talent Interaction Platform™. The cloud-based platform includes new offerings that help employers rapidly source top talent, evaluate candidates' skills, and enhance the onboarding process for new employees. These capabilities augment the company's popular screening and digital interviewing applications. The HireVue Talent Interaction Platform also benefits candidates and employees by better enabling them to have a voice, tell their story and demonstrate their abilities - all at their own convenience. In addition, the company announced that it has partnered with Sequoia Capital and raised $25 million with participation from Kickstart Fund and existing investors. Mickey Arabelovic will represent Sequoia on the HireVue board.

'Hiring and retaining great people is probably the single most important thing a company can do. But it's also really hard and time consuming. Successive generations of HR systems have automated the hiring and talent management processes, but they've also sapped the soul out of them,' said Mickey Arabelovic, Partner, Sequoia Capital. 'HireVue uses technology to put people back in the spotlight. We believe in HireVue's vision of interpersonal interactions and are excited to be partners with them in building the next generation of HR technology.'

TURBOCHARGED 'HI-DEF' INTERACTIONS HireVue's new Talent Interaction Platform, which augments existing applicant tracking, talent management, business and social applications, accelerates productivity and decision-making by delivering high-definition clarity into people's character, cultural fit, personality, and potential. The platform includes HireVue's flagship digital screening and interviewing capabilities, as well as new solutions for sourcing, skills validation and onboarding. Offerings include:

HireVue for Sourcing (New): Branded social media and digital campaigns help modernize employment branding, extend sourcing reach, engage passive candidates, and meet higher quality applicants. As part of its new Talent Interaction Platform, HireVue also announced today a joint collaboration with LinkedIn. This integration lets HireVue customers view LinkedIn profile information directly from within the Talent Interaction Platform, and makes it easier for candidates to register for their HireVue interview using their LinkedIn profile.
HireVue for Screening: Quickly screen more candidates in less time and get deeper insight early in the process with on demand digital interviews. Secure buy-in from team members and hiring managers by rating, comparing and sharing only the best candidates. HireVue is pre-integrated with more than a dozen existing recruiting platforms.
HireVue for Validation (New): Finally, a way to validate a candidates ability to work during the recruiting process - before putting them in front of senior staff. HireVue's multi-media questions, tests, and industry-specific evaluation tools perform deeper capabilities assessments and pose real-life scenarios to effectively evaluate skills.
HireVue for Interviewing: Bring in only the best candidates for final rounds after validating skills, capabilities and cultural fit with live online interviews, questions and probes. Live video and panel interview tools enhance the experience, allow for deeper insights, and can be recorded and shared with the hiring team.
HireVue for Onboarding (New): Allow new hires to introduce themselves and get to know team members beyond words on a resume or online profiles. Video-enriched profiles allow deeper insight and collaboration before day one. Additionally, HireVue is working on an integration with Salesforce, allowing customers to access HireVue onboarding videos directly from Salesforce Chatter and

'What energizes us is the ability to infuse not only the human touch - but also efficiency, intelligence and accuracy - into talent interactions. HireVue is working to help companies and people better connect - saving millions of hours and dollars wasted on static, broken and impersonal processes,' said Mark Newman, CEO and Founder, HireVue. 'People everywhere deserve a chance to have a voice, tell their story and be heard.'

This news comes on the heels of record momentum for HireVue. Over the past year, the company has launched five new products, successfully completed and integrated the acquisition of CodeEval, more than doubled the team and welcomed a world-class customer base including more than 20 percent of the Fortune 100. During the fiscal second quarter, the company closed, on average, more than one deal per day. HireVue will utilize the funding to expand its platform, services and team to address accelerating market demand for broader talent interactions.

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About HireVue HireVue is making business personal again through social, mobile & video enriched workplace interactions. Our Talent Interaction Platform™ lets people tell their story and demonstrate their talents, enabling high-touch collaboration and insights - all at the speed, quality and consistency of digital. HireVue was recognized by Inc. magazine in 2013 as a top 500 fastest growing private company and HR Executive Magazine as a Top HR Product of 2012. Join HireVue customers - including more than 20% of the Fortune 100- who are reimagining recruiting and putting the personal back in business.
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