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Venture Capital News: Launches with $8.7M in Seed Funding

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, announced it has received an angel round of $2.45 million from investors Lip Bu Tan, Sanjay Jha and Pradeep Sindhu; and a seed round of $6.25 million. today launched its video collaboration platform to improve remote meetings' efficiency and end meeting overload. automatically manages all meeting content via a real-time collaborative notes application, an automatic speech recognition function that turns speech into searchable text, and a recommendation engine that suggests meeting agendas based on participants.

"Productivity is a critical factor for any successful business, and being plagued by a calendar of meetings causes significant daily disruptions. The actions that come from a meeting matter more than a meeting itself, after all," said Krishna Yarlagadda, CEO and founder of "Without being able to capture meeting content and optimize it, meetings become a frustrating experience and can be a huge source of lost productivity. That's why we've created - to deliver meetings with memory."

Businesses forced to work remotely due to COVID-19 have relied heavily on video conferencing and collaboration software. This has produced an endless series of virtual meetings for remote workers, triggering video fatigue in many. To help users maintain engagement and improve productivity, is launching with features that include: Motes™, or the meeting's memory. automatically recaps the meeting minutes by organizing agendas, notes, and action items that get carried forward and are summarized for the next meeting.
Digitization of content and integration with any enterprise application like Slack CRM tools, enables new search capabilities and elimination of manually intensive workflows.
Audio enhancement and cancellation. recognizes and suppresses common noises like keystrokes, laptop fans, and dogs barking. removes the background sound, and then automatically adjusts the speaker's audio back to the optimal volume for speaking. focuses on audio enhancement of human voices over Android, iOS, & Web/Desktop platforms.
" is, simply put, the virtual meeting platform of the 21st century," said Wendy M. Pfeiffer, CIO of enterprise cloud company Nutanix. "While using at Nutanix, we've experienced better meetings overall, but more specifically we've seen greater follow-up on things discussed in meetings and more efficient use of our scheduled meeting times."

"The future of remote collaboration is more than just audio-video. It's about solutions that leverage deep learning and advanced media capabilities to help people be more productive at solving problems regardless of their location," said Jeff McVeigh, Intel Vice President, Datacenter XPU Products and Solutions. " achieves high scalability and an innovative AI-based meeting experience through deployment of its cloud data platform on Intel Xeon processor-based servers, and integration of Intel's Open WebRTC Toolkit for video conferencing and Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, powered by oneAPI, for face and text detection."

With an angel round of $2.45 million from investors Lip Bu Tan, Sanjay Jha, and Pradeep Sindhu and a seed round of $6.25 million from Propel Venture Partners, Bain Capital Partners, Bloomberg Beta, BoxGroup, and former San Francisco 49ers player Ronnie Lott, has raised a total of $8.7 million in funding for further product development and company growth.

"The number of virtual meetings has exploded, and with it has come the challenge of managing all of that content. addresses this major pain point while other video conferencing companies continue to add to the problem," said Jay Reinemann, General Partner at Propel Venture Partners. "We've been using to communicate with our current and prospective portfolio companies and it's enabled us to optimize our productivity during these changing times."

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About wants to help enterprise teams meet less, and do more. More than an audio and video conferencing tool, automatically manages all meeting content to make remote meetings more efficient and productive. keeps all meeting content together while also ensuring it's searchable and intrusion-proof.
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