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Venture Capital News: Secures $2M in Seed Funding

NEW YORK, NY, Artificial intelligence company, today announced that it has secured $2.1M in seed funding led by IA Ventures, Softbank and Lerer Ventures. builds and maintains an artificial intelligence powered personal assistant that schedules meetings for its business customers., inc., an artificial intelligence company, today announced that it has secured $2.1M in seed funding led by IA Ventures, Softbank and Lerer Ventures. The investment will expand data and science efforts towards fully emulating a human scheduling negotiation - so 87 million US knowledge workers can get their own assistant.

'I scheduled 1,019 meetings for myself in 2012 and loved every human interaction as much as I hated every email ping pong necessary to get it on the calendar,' said Dennis R. Mortensen, CEO and Founder of is a personal assistant that use email to schedule meetings. Customers talk to Amy as they would to any other person - and they can have her do all the tedious email ping pong that comes along with scheduling a meeting. It requires no sign-in, no password, no download; all they do is CC:

'I've been cc-ing for months and I find it difficult to see how I would go back to a time without her help. The nature of my business is meeting with people -- entrepreneurs, corporate execs, fellow investors -- and efficiently taking away the tedious task of scheduling my meetings is a huge boon to my productivity,' said Jonathan Lehr, Director at Work-Bench. is currently looking for some of the best and brightest to fill positions in the following areas; Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Backend Engineers and Ai Trainers. So if you want to be the arbiter of time, head over to

' is taking on a well-accepted pain, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to a degree rarely seen,' said Brad Gillespie, Partner at IA Ventures. 'Dennis and the team is executing on a very ambitious plan, which, if successful, could change the paradigm for how we schedule meetings in the future, perhaps even how we choose to spend our time at work.'

About, inc. was founded in 2014 by former Visual Revenue (Predictive Analytics software acquired by Outbrain) CEO Dennis R. Mortensen and his co-founders Alex Poon and Matt Casey. The wider founding team are industry veterans from analytics, big data and the predictive modeling world.
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