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Venture Capital News: Flosstime Chews On $970K Seed Round

PALO ALTO, CA, Flosstime, an idea born out of a Stanford biodesign class to improve oral health for children and adults, announced the close of a $970K seed round.
Flosstime, an idea born out of a Stanford biodesign class to improve oral health for children and adults, announced the close of a $970K seed round supporting the launch of the world's first automated floss dispenser today at CES. Flosstime is available immediately at

The company's 2015 Kickstarter campaign more than tripled its fundraising goal, and to date, the company's funding exceeds $1 million with additional backing from San Joaquin Angels, Wesco - Facilidades & Bem-estar and other prominent angel investors. The sleek white device fastens to bathroom mirrors, notifies users when it is time to floss and automatically dispenses floss at the push of a button.

With a single touch, the well-crafted, modern circular device dispenses the American Dental Association-recommended 18 inches of floss, cuts it and sets a 90-second LED-timer that moves around the device, indicating how long users should spend on each section of the mouth. After 90-seconds, Flosstime will light up with a smile as a reward for a job well done. After a 22-hour period of inactivity, an orange frown reminds the user that it is time to floss again. If unused after seven days, the device will automatically shoot out a length of floss. The habit-forming device can be set to single and dual-user modes.

Flosstime keeps it fun and engaging for the kids, too. Each device comes with the choice of a frog, goldfish or crab snap-on frame. If not used every day, the animal's eyes glow to remind kids to floss reinforcing healthy oral hygiene habits at an early age.

'80 percent of the population doesn't take the time to floss every day; however, flossing creates better oral hygiene and also helps prevent gum disease,' said Duc Duong, co-founder and COO of Flosstime 'Our technology solution creates healthy habits for everyone in the family and helps people to never forget to floss again.'

Flosstime comes with a patent-pending replaceable cartridge containing 54.6 yd (50m) of comfort floss, which should last the daily flosser approximately three to four months. The device also comes with a reusable floss pick that's friendly for adults and children alike and can be used as an alternative to regular dental floss. An animal snap on, simple adhesive mirror mount and two double-A batteries are also included. Weighing at less than a half a pound, the device has a diameter of 3.74 inches. Available today at, the device can be purchased for $29.99 and will ship in January 2017.

To learn more about Flosstime and to purchase a device, visit

About Flosstime
Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Flosstime was founded in August 2014 by Michael Evans, Duc Duong and Gregorio Faria. The co-founders met in a Stanford Biodesign course and embarked on a mission to transform the flossing experience and improve the oral health of both adults and children. The company's positive, habit-forming consumer device dispenses floss, reminds people to floss and rewards daily flossing habits. Learn more about Flosstime by visiting and connect on Twitter and Facebook.
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