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Venture Capital News: Quid Raises $39M in Series D

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Quid has raised $39 million Series D led by Liberty Interactive Corporation.
According to TC, Quid has raised $39 million Series D. The funding was led by Liberty Interactive Corporation, with participation from ARTIS Ventures, Buchanan Investments, Subtraction Capital, Tiger Partners, Thomas H. Lee Limited Family Partnership II, Quid board member Michael Patsalos-Fox and Quid chairman Charles Lho. and Quid chairman Charles Lho.

With access to Quid, users have hundreds of thousands of indexed resources - from news articles to business filings, patent applications to blog posts - to aggregate, analyze, and visualize patterns in order to discover insights. The Quid web platform has become an essential research tool within marketing and communications research, brand strategy, product development, and technology landscaping. Quid engineering is at the forefront of distributed parallel processing, NLP and graph processing in the browser. More than 80 blue-chip companies have become Quid customers since the launch of its web platform in early 2014, including management consulting firms, media agencies, and other leading enterprises. In March 2015, The Boston Consulting Group a leading global management consultancy, entered into an enterprise-wide relationship in order to expand the proven impact of Quid.
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