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Venture Capital News: PerimeterX Inks $12M

SAN MATEO, CA, PerimeterX today announced the closing of its $12 million seed and Series A funding.
PerimeterX, a provider of scalable, behavior-based threat protection technology for the web, cloud and mobile, today introduced a new security service: PerimeterX Bot Defender. Bot Defender uses behavioral fingerprinting technology to accurately detect and defend websites from all types of automated attacks.

With bot attacks becoming more targeted, in-depth and dynamic, PerimeterX has developed a new approach to threat detection based on smart technology which leverages dynamic behavior fingerprints based on hundreds of indicators profiling the user, their browser and network, instead of using historical signatures of bad bots, which are static and quickly become outdated.

Unlike other security solutions which place a proxy between a customer and a website adding latency and complexity to the network, PerimeterX can detect and stop any automated threats with integration that is as simple as adding a JavaScript tag. Bot attacks to websites include zero-day threats, brute force, price scraping, content scraping, layer 7 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), ad fraud and scalping.

'Bot Defender's behavioral fingerprinting provides the most comprehensive protection against automated threats, and we've made it as easy as possible for any company to start using it,' said Omri Iluz, Co-founder and CEO at PerimeterX. 'PerimeterX deployments already protect more than one billion page views each week, and that number is quickly growing.'

Instead of a 'black box' approach that other companies implement, which offers limited reporting and transparency, PerimeterX provides robust reporting for analyzed traffic and threats, giving companies full visibility and control into how and why items are being blocked. Attacks can easily be analyzed by time, risk score, country, IP address, and customer supplied tags, and can be further customized based on a company's needs. PerimeterX is an out-of-band service that doesn't affect delivery performance and is compatible with a customer's currently deployed infrastructure including any content delivery network (CDN) or cloud infrastructure.

'The founders of PerimeterX were executives at Cotendo, a CDN company that envisioned mobile application acceleration before mobile was a thing. They were instrumental in its success up through the acquisition by Akamai. Since founding PerimeterX, Ido, Omri and Ophir have recruited an incredible team with unique expertise in web-scale infrastructure and distributed security systems,' said Jonathan Heiliger, General Partner at Vertex Ventures. 'PerimeterX's scalable threat protection is a necessary tool for every enterprise security arsenal and I am delighted to be part of the team that will make the Internet safer.'

Founded in late 2014, PerimeterX has secured $12 million in funding. Headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., PerimeterX has offices in Israel and Silicon Valley.
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