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Venture Capital News: Moonshot Launches With $160M

OAKLAND, CA, Moonshot Brands emerged from stealth mode today to announce that they have raised $160 million in funding.
Moonshot Brands, a rapidly growing platform that buys, launches, and scales direct-to-consumer and marketplace e-commerce brands, emerged from stealth mode today to announce that they have raised $160M in funding. The financing comes from Y Combinator, Victory Park Capital, Liquid 2 Ventures (Joe Montana), Garage Capital, FoundersX Ventures, Outbound Ventures, N49P, KSK Group (Keisuke Honda), and the founders of the unicorns Hippo, Lambda School, and Shift.

Moonshot Brands is on a mission to buy, launch and grow the most loved e-commerce brands of the future. Moonshot Brands partners with the most successful owner-operators of third-party marketplace businesses and direct-to-consumer brands. Moonshot then helps these brands achieve their potential through growth capital, data, deep expertise in operations, supply chain management, marketing, omnichannel distribution, and international expansion. For more information, visit
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