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Venture Capital News: Immuta Pulls In $8M

COLLEGE PARK, MD, Immuta, the unified data platform for the world's most secure organizations, today announced an $8 million Series A round.
The round was led by Drive Capital with participation from Greycroft Partners and Conversion Capital. The round brings the company's total funding to $9.5 million to date.

The Immuta platform frees data science teams to work with highly-regulated data without being hamstrung by complex security regulations or information governance policies. The platform also gives information governance teams the confidence they need to expose sensitive data without breaching policies, which in turn gives data scientists the access they need to accelerate time-to-breakthrough.

'Data-driven companies are collecting data at an exponential rate in an attempt to better understand their customers and offer enhanced services; data is their biggest advantage, but it's also their biggest risk. We de-risk the innovation process,' said Matthew Carroll, CEO of Immuta. 'Immuta makes it possible to translate information governance policies into a unified data platform that manages access, controls, and collaboration, all in one place. In order to be effective, teams need a single, unified platform that streamlines their data workflows from end to end.'

Using Immuta, data scientists can quickly create immediately regulated and compliant data sandbox environments that combine disparate data sources from within and across organizations. Immuta supports every major structured and unstructured data source, on premise or in the cloud, including Amazon S3, SQL, NoSQL and Hadoop.

The Immuta platform virtualizes data from any data source, which protects the integrity of original data sets. This allows data owners to confidently expose data, and data scientists to experiment at will.

'Most data platforms today are simply point solutions aimed at niche industries or narrow pain points. Data science teams shouldn't have to cobble together a platform just to do data integration, data governance, or to implement data access policies, and so forth. Their job is to do real data science, not to manage integrations and security across five different platforms,' said Steve Touw, CTO of Immuta. 'The Immuta platform provides a governed and unified data foundation that is compatible with any tool a data scientist may want to use. Our customers trust us for our precise controls, and they depend on us to create secure, virtual data collaboration environments on demand.'

Immuta's platform was purpose-built to simplify information governance, allowing for all policies -- from access-based policies to purpose restrictions on data -- to be quickly implemented by clicking a button, rather than writing new code. Information governance teams can set or modify policies through the platform, which seamlessly integrates policy into data science teams' workflows and unlocks powerful methods of data collaboration and sharing.

'Immuta is solving one of the most acute problems that is stifling innovation at large, highly-regulated enterprises. They have the teams, and the technology, but data access and usage regulations are holding back innovation,' said Andy Jenks, Partner at Drive Capital. 'We invested in Immuta because their team and technology are bar none the best in the business.'

Immuta's customers include some of the largest global financial institutions, telecommunications companies and national security organizations in the world. To learn more about how Immuta can transform your business, please visit

About Immuta:
Immuta is a unified data platform for the world's most secure organizations. Our technology frees data science teams to securely access and work with high-value data. The Immuta platform streamlines data management workflows to solve for the organizational challenges facing modern data science operations. Our customers trust our platform for its precise controls. They depend on it to create secure virtual data collaboration environments on-demand.

Immuta was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in College Park, Maryland. Platform customers include global financial institutions, telecommunications companies and national security organizations.
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