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Venture Capital News: Quantum Health Receives Investment

COLUMBUS, OH, Quantum Health today announced that it has secured investment support from GE Ventures and Altaris Capital Partners.
Quantum Health today announced that it has secured investment support from GE Ventures, the venture capital arm of GE, Altaris Capital Partners, and a co-investment group comprised of Steven Shulman and Lawrence Leisure, as well as strategic advisor Harlan Levine, M.D. -- all of whom have a history of success growing original concepts in healthcare. These collaborative partners will further expand Quantum's innovative approach to help consumers navigate the healthcare system that results in better health outcomes at lower costs.

Quantum Health, an organization founded with the goal of reducing confusion and unnecessary costs in a complex healthcare system, has established a unique patient care coordination model for self-insured employers that has enabled clients to enjoy industry-leading satisfaction rates and claims savings. This is achieved by guiding patients and families through the challenging healthcare system and working together with physicians to ensure proper care while eliminating costly redundancies or delays in care. GE Ventures, Altaris, and the co-investor partners will provide additional expertise and help identify new market opportunities for Quantum as it continues to grow its presence in the evolving healthcare marketplace.

'Having GE Ventures, Altaris, and our co-investors join us is further recognition of our approach to more effectively navigate the healthcare system from the consumer and patient point of view,' said Kara Trott, Chief Executive Officer, Quantum Health. 'There is tremendous potential in these relationships and we are eager to begin taking our proven model to market more broadly.'

'At GE we understand how important it is for companies to provide high quality and affordable healthcare to their employees,' said Sue Siegel, CEO, GE Ventures & healthymagination. 'We've been impressed by Quantum Health's successful approach to helping consumers navigate the healthcare system, allowing them to access the right care with the right provider at the right time.'

'GE Ventures looks to invest in companies that provide practical and innovative solutions. Quantum Health has created a proven and trusted solution to the often confusing healthcare system with their care coordination model,' said Risa Stack, General Manager, GE Ventures, Incubations. 'We've chosen to partner with Quantum because we believe our two companies can have an even greater impact together within the world of healthcare.'

Quantum Health, a privately held company, secured the partnerships based on its desire for greater growth. 'Rather than for funding purposes, this strategic partnership is about bringing intellectual and reputational capital to Quantum Health,' Trott said.

Collectively, the new partners have a track record of success in accelerating healthcare innovation in the marketplace.

'We see an entire class of employers who will embrace Quantum's care coordination model as a critical business asset and important employee benefit,' said Steven Shulman, co-investor, Quantum Health. 'As strategic partners, our role is to facilitate and introduce Quantum to these companies and accelerate adoption.'

About Quantum Health

Founded in Columbus in 1999, Quantum Health is an award-winning consumer navigation and care coordination company serving the healthcare needs of self-funded public and private sector employers across the U.S. With a background in consumer behavior and a deep understanding of how real people experience healthcare, Quantum Health has a proven history of making client's benefits plans more efficient while maintaining industry-leading satisfaction rates and claims savings. Quantum Health helps patients, their families, and their physicians work together to ensure proper care, eliminating redundant, delayed and questionable care -- literally driving the confusion and unnecessary medical costs out of the system. Learn more at, and connect with us on Twitter (@QuantumHealth1), and LinkedIn (Company: Quantum-Health).

About GE Ventures

GE Ventures is committed to identifying, scaling and accelerating ideas that will make the world work better. Focused on the areas of software, advanced manufacturing, energy and healthcare, GE Ventures helps entrepreneurs and start-ups succeed by providing access to GE's technical expertise, capital and opportunities for commercialization through GE's global network of business, customers and partners. GE Ventures offers an unparalleled level of resources through its Global Research Center, including: 35,000 engineers; 5,000 research scientists; 8,000 software professionals; as well as 40,000 sales, marketing and development resources in over 100 countries. For more information, please visit

Altaris Capital Partners, LLC

Based in New York, Altaris Capital Partners, LLC is an investment firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. Managing $1.3 billion of equity capital, Altaris invests in businesses that meet clearly defined healthcare needs and leverages its extensive industry knowledge and relationships to accelerate growth and value appreciation. The companies in which it invests are typically headquartered in North America or Western Europe, but have operations throughout the world.
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