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Venture Capital News: Pivotshare Pulls In $1M

IRVINE, CA, Digital media startup, announced today that the company has closed one million dollars in Series A funding.
Pivotshare, a digital media startup, announced today that the company has closed one million dollars in Series A funding. This round of funding allows Pivotshare to further establish a self-service solution that gives anyone the ability to monetize and stream their video and audio content across leading devices. Pivotshare's product fills a gap in the market between free services relying on advertising and expensive online video platforms. Pivotshare was funded by Townsgate Media, an investment fund focusing on early stage technology and media companies in Orange County and the greater L.A. area.

"The media landscape is evolving and advances in technology are creating new opportunities to distribute and monetize content. Pivotshare is focused on providing a complete solution that enables anyone to maximize the value of their digital media," says Adam Mosam, Founder of Pivotshare. "We're excited to work with both seasoned and emerging content creators and help them launch their media businesses online."

Pivotshare's platform is a complete media business in a box, handling all aspects of infrastructure, support and payments. The company offers an accessible solution with no startup costs or monthly fees. Pivotshare also provides in-depth analytics that lets publishers monitor everything from their total income in real-time to what media is the most popular with their audience. Clients can use their own branding and design elements, making their channel an extension of their online presence.

The Pivotshare platform is designed to serve several key markets:
Entertainers such as comedians, filmmakers and performers can now distribute their own materials, giving them greater financial and creative control.

Speakers, including life coaches and business strategists, can offer content directly from their own branded channel, adding media mogul to their resume.
Conferences and associations can utilize event footage, turning their previously unused media into a robust video reference library.

Experts, professionals and consultants can offer instructional content directly to their audience. Paid content options allow high-quality, lower-volume media to earn substantial revenue rather than the often trivial amounts made with advertising.

About Pivotshare
Pivotshare is the best way to make money from your digital media online. With a cutting-edge platform and innovative services, Pivotshare revolutionizes the way publishers sell access to their content. Publishers are faced with rapid advances in digital media, requiring them to push their content to an expanding portfolio of devices. Pivotshare will harness these new technologies, stay ahead of the curve and let the publishers worry about their core business, the content itself. The adoption of the Pivotshare platform will empower a new wave of content creators and help them capture the next generation of digital consumers.

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