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Jolata Raises $7M

SAN JOSE, CA, Jolata has raised $7 million in second-round funding from Spirent Communications, Ericsson and return backer ATA Ventures.
Jolata, a real-time big data analytics software company that helps large network operators visualize and optimize their global networks, announced today they recently closed a $7M second round of financing from Spirent Communications, Ericsson and ATA Ventures. ATA Ventures had been the sole investor up to this time.

Operators need to scale to support increasing traffic loads, up to terabits per second or more. In addition, new services like Voice-over-WiFi (VoWiFi) machine-to-machine and Internet of Things are creating new and different types of stresses on networks. Moreover, the emergence and proliferation of Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) services have challenged telecom operators to address next-generation throughput issues, but must do so with current, limited tools. As a consequence, operators are losing millions of dollars because they are unable to accurately assess the quality of their networks, quickly determine root causes of problems and intelligently optimize their infrastructure.

Jolata helps network operators accurately assess the quality of their networks, quickly determine root causes of problems and how to most efficiently optimize service delivery. Jolata features patent-pending technology that provides complete, precise and real-time network visibility so network operators can improve service quality, reduce mean-time-to-repair and exceed service level agreements. The Jolata TruFlow platform is the only solution to capture and track up to every single packet, or more importantly, every network flow, as it traverses the network - not just at points, but segment-by-segment. Traditional network monitoring tools provide only a small fraction of the information operators need to optimize their networks.

'Jolata is at the forefront of enabling migration of latency sensitive applications to cloud-centric infrastructures,' said James Armstrong, Spirent EVP of Network Applications and Infrastructure. 'The Jolata approach of applying big data analytics to real-time precision flow measurements is novel and differentiated in the market place.' Mr. Armstrong has joined Jolata's board of directors.

'The key to an optimal network experience is responsiveness now and in the future,' said Erik Ekudden, Head of Group Technology Strategy, Ericsson. 'For service providers, managing an optimal experience will become increasingly challenging as data sets grow in volume and density. We were impressed by Jolata TruFlow's ability to quickly and precisely identify network deficiencies, which is the first significant step to solving network issues.'

With the new funding round, Jolata plans to accelerate its growth by scaling its development, and field deployment teams. Additionally, the capital will allow the company to expand its go-to-market partnerships and address the emerging sales execution opportunities in telecommunications, enterprise, cloud and financial services markets, where the Jolata Platform is initially focused.

About Jolata
Jolata was created by CEO, John Loiacono, and Chairman, Hatch Graham. Both also serve as partners of ATA Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm. The two hand-picked network industry veteran, Charles Barry, PhD, and the team set out to empower network operators with high-precision, real-time network performance analytics that monitor every single packet to pinpoint the sources of performance degradation on any network. The company's mantra has been 'If you can't find it, you can't fix it.' Jolata's platform provides a complete enterprise-class network monitoring solution that uniquely addresses next-generation networking infrastructure requirements and challenges of virtualization, scalability and performance. For more information, please visit:
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