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Nylas Pulls In $4M

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Nylas has raised $4 million in funding to grow its team, expand its reach, and further invest in the Nylas API products.
Nylas, the first and only company providing modern APIs for email, calendars, and contacts, has raised $4 million in funding to grow its team, expand its reach, and further invest in the Nylas API products.

"At Nylas, our priority is to allow software developers to maximize the value of their applications without diverting engineering resources or slowing time to market," said Gleb Polyakov, Nylas CEO. "Our investors' ongoing support of the team's mission will allow us to evolve the product and provide customers a seamless experience."

Nylas was founded in 2013 with the goal of modernizing the way developers interact with email, calendar, and contacts. To date, Nylas has synced more than 100 terabytes of data from more than 15 billion emails, powering email sync and send features in SaaS products ranging from customer relationship management software to marketing automation platforms, recruiting tools, scheduling assistants, legal and real estate platforms, and more.

"In the era of the Smart Enterprise, companies are focused on quickly building powerful and interconnected tools. Nylas is uniquely positioned to help companies succeed, as the first and only provider powering applications with full email and calendar integrations," said Alex Moore, Operating Partner at 8VC. "We're thrilled to boost our investment with Nylas as they transform the multi-billion dollar enterprise communications market."

The Nylas APIs integrate with all email service providers, allowing bi-directional email sync between SaaS platforms and the email client. With Nylas, businesses can drive powerful email analytics, make better introductions powered by smart connection graphs, and achieve nearly 100 percent email deliverability rates.

"We set out to build clean, developer-friendly APIs that provide the best toolkit for adding email, calendar, and contacts functionality to applications," said Christine Spang, Nylas co-founder and CTO. "By applying the same strict standards as the large email providers, we see the Nylas APIs as a way to give developers the building blocks they wouldn't otherwise have."

About Nylas
Nylas is the first company to help organizations build email, calendar, and contacts integrations into their SaaS applications. The Nylas APIs provide a single point of integration that powers software applications with 100 percent of email service providers, allowing businesses to go to market faster, while freeing up engineering time. Marketing, sales, recruiting professionals, and others use Nylas every day to automate personalized emails at scale, eliminate the need for manual data entry, and make smarter connections.
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