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ScribbleChat Raises $2.75M

NEW YORK, NY, ScribbleChat, a messaging app, has raised $2.75 million in funding.
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ScribbleChat today announced that its app has amassed more than one million users since launching earlier this year, making it a top contender in the messaging app space. To accompany explosive user growth, the company is announcing an additional round of funding backed by many of the prominent female VC funds Broadway Angels, The Perkins Fund, BBG Ventures, Halogen Ventures and Golden Seeds Angels, and actor Benedict Cumberbatch -- for $2.75M. Available on iOS and through integrations with Facebook Messenger, Kik and iMessage, ScribbleChat allows you to virtually send emotions with "handwritten" text, emojis and interactive 3D animations to more accurately convey tone and sentiment in conversations.

"We're seeing amazing advancements in the tech and messaging community, and we're thrilled to help drive the space forward," said Eloise Bune, CEO and Co-founder of ScribbleChat. "But even with the ability to add emotional expression to messages, people still demand much more personalization through messaging apps. We are investing in dynamic consumer content in order to break through the digital noise, and our partnership integrations will ensure we continue to evolve personalization capabilities to the next level."

Following a successful launch and additional funding dollars, ScribbleChat plans to further accelerate its leadership this year, rolling out new end-user features, developer capabilities and integrations with top social media and messaging platforms. The investment will help ScribbleChat continue to build upon its impressive growth and numbers, applying the new funds to continue investment in the development of its personalization technologies by growing its engineering team to further improve the experience for consumers and partners. The company will soon unveil the following upgrades in the coming months:

-Availability on Android
-Thousands of new animation effect combinations
-In-app recording of chats that enable playbacks of conversations with animations
-In-app purchasing of premium ScribbleChat effects
-Additional support for different foreign languages - Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Cyrilic

ScribbleChat is driving the future of personalized messaging forward, addressing the current need in the market to evolve the chat experience for everyone. It enhances messaging with a personal touch, and empowers people to never message each other via plain text in the digital era.

The development team of ScribbleChat continues to rely on user input to feature unique fonts that reflect different handwriting styles and 3D animations that are not confined to the normal text bubble. Users can express a full range of emotions through messaging, eliminating confusion and misinterpretations of text-based messages. ScribbleChat also provides an extensive variety of advanced graphics and animations, elevating the tone and sentiment of the message to mirror an in-person conversation.

"We hold two issued patents, plus two pending patents for the capture of human handwriting and digital reproduction in any language including Korean, Japanese and Cyrillic," said Trey Stout, CTO and co-founder of ScribbleChat. "Put simply, ScribbleChat can generate real handwriting from any Unicode text. Any 2D or 3D engine to make use of our handwriting library in their native format. It's lightyears beyond any script font. As a result, we found traction this year in every vertical, from online gifting and e-commerce to digital group-chat."

"Our vision is to transform the way people communicate through personalized text messaging, by giving them a better way to express any emotion over text," added Bune. "We'll continue to bring expression into texting through personalized animation and handwriting technologies, transforming the world of messaging as we know it."

About ScribbleChat
Launched in 2017, ScribbleChat is the first app of its kind to completely evolve the chat experience by integrating real 3D handwriting into a messaging platform. Through enhancing consumer messaging with a personal touch, ScribbleChat allows you to virtually send emotions with "handwritten" text, emojis and interactive animations to more accurately convey tone and sentiment in conversations. ScribbleChat empowers individuals to express their feelings during interactions and aids in eliminating confusion and misinterpretations of text messages. Founded in New York City by, the app provides an innovative solution to individualizing digital thoughts in order to help human relationships survive modern technology. To download the app and learn more please visit
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