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Wavefront Announces $11.5M Series A Round

PALO ALTO, CA, Wavefront, an IT analytics company designed to prevent outages, has raised $11.5 million in Series A funding.
To help software-based companies thrive in the age of big data and maintain high performance at scale, Wavefront announces the launch of its powerful data analytics platform. It allows users to visualize and query a wide range of metrics, including computing load and performance data. Across every layer of the enterprise, Wavefront unifies and processes millions of data points per second, delivering insights at the speed of thought.

Like a 21st-century control room, the Wavefront platform helps enterprises optimize digital services and eradicate software failures. Wavefront is a query engine, a language, and a hosted platform serving everyone from small-scale startups to massive organizations with complex, hybrid, and cloud infrastructure.

As digital companies grow, they encounter an accelerating stream of information from servers, clouds, and applications that can quickly overwhelm. Wavefront offers the user the ability to harness big data with a powerful analytics language, turning suspected data set connections into confirmed incidents, reducing false alarms, and avoiding degradation. The query language is intuitive, easy to learn, and empowers the user to perform complex correlations, loading millions of points and computing on them in a second. Dashboards and key charts promote collaboration and are easily shareable across the organization.

The platform also offers unprecedented precision of analysis. Dips and spikes in data can be filtered by their shape over time, allowing complex patterns of behavior to surface. Data is kept at full resolution for years and never down-sampled, allowing precise anomaly detection and long-term trend analysis.

'The basic trending and aggregation functionality that most analytics platforms have been offering don't help you manage a modern, dynamic stack -- much less offer real-time insight,' said CTO and Founder Dev Nag. 'Wavefront offers a single pane of glass view into all of their data points, all of the time. Like a magnet pulling needles from a haystack, Wavefront allows the user to identify outliers in a jumble of noise to track events, detect anomalies, alert on them, and pinpoint their causes. With improved insight, companies can dramatically improve productivity and reliability, resulting in superior customer service.'

Any enterprise with an agile infrastructure built on software -- including Fortune 500 companies, consumer web platforms (websites and mobile apps), SaaS or XaaS providers, digital enterprises and IoT systems -- can employ Wavefront for IT performance and availability issues, and also extend beyond operations management to:

Prevent, detect and diagnose outages to maintain service continuity.
Surpass traditional monitoring to manipulate data with powerful analytics in real-time.
Promote enterprise agility with better capacity planning and resource utilization.
Eliminate silos and standardize analytics with a unified big data analytics platform across the organization.
Gain insights about the relationship between device, software, and end user.
Wavefront has been fire-tested and validated by well-known public companies such as Box and Clover, where the platform is used to manage mission-critical SaaS applications.

The technology is available for the following solutions:

Application Delivery: Reduce downtime for applications, detect and repair problems in a flash.
Cloud Scale: Monitor SaaS and software performance across cloud and on-premise services.
Operational Analytics: Break down data silos and improve DevOps collaboration. Get a 360° view across IT infrastructure, align IT with business, and gain efficiencies.
Big Data Management: Search, explore, browse, navigate, analyze, correlate, and visualize millions of data points per second from every part of the enterprise.
Internet of Things: Tap into a real-time overview of millions of sensors, industrial systems, and devices spanning geographic boundaries.
Business Metrics: Use metrics data to complement your business intelligence.

'In the previous decade, the engineering team at Google faced operational challenges driven by growing complexity,' said Bill Coughran, Sequoia partner and former Google SVP of Engineering. 'Today a whole new generation of companies are operating at scale and running into these same issues. At Google, we needed to build our own solution. Now companies can just use Wavefront.'

Wavefront has raised $20.5 million to date from Sutter Hill Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and the Webb Investment Network. Bill Coughran from Sequoia Capital joined Sam Pullara from Sutter Hill Ventures on the board as part of their Series A investment.

About Wavefront

Wavefront helps organizations scale and improve customer experience with unparalleled visibility into enterprise-wide data, powerful analytics, and real-time responsiveness. For more information, visit
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