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989 Asilomar Ter.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Phone: 650-691-3521

Xperiel brings the Real World Web (RWW) to life. The RWW is where the physical and digital worlds converge to provide mixed reality experiences for consumers across any OS or mobile device. To orchestrate the RWW, the inventors of Google Wallet technology built the Xperiel platform, comprised of a universal trigger fabric, device-agnostic applications in the cloud and an all new graphical programming language based on the founders' original Ph.D. research. Xperiel makes it possible for users to quickly build device-agnostic applications in the cloud that are contextually aware and can communicate with real world and online triggers. A trigger is an activation point that signals Xperiel to deliver immersive, customized experiences to individuals via their mobile phones, wearables, virtual reality technology or any connected device. Xperiel's patented, easy-to-use graphical programming language opens the door for non-technical people to develop applications in less than an hour, radically compressing the time and cost it takes to build IoT apps. Xperiel changes the way people can and will interact with a completely connected world. Companies in industries spanning professional sports, entertainment, retail and more are using the Xperiel platform to maximize the value of their IoT investments.

Key Contact
Alex Hertel
Funding Events

08/12/16 $7,000,000 Garrett Camp
Highland Capital Partners
John Hennessy
Los Angeles Dodgers
Melo7 Tech Partners
Metamorphic Ventures
Ram Shriram
Scott Cook
01/30/18 $7,000,000 Series A Cyan Banister
Sacramento Kings
Scott Cook